About Us

Plants For Pollinators is an online offshoot of Nashville Natives Nursery. We are passionate about native plants and the ecological communities that they foster. Living and working on a rural farm in middle Tennessee, we have observed firsthand the dramatic decline in Monarch Butterflies, Honeybees, and other important pollinators. Having limited reach through our physical nursery location we decided it was time to start offering our pollinator beneficial plants and seeds online to reach a wider population and help to get the word and the plants out there.

We specialize in the restoration of large scale native plant communities through the consulting and contracting division of Nashville Natives. Some of our clients include Tennessee State Parks, Nashville Metro Parks, The US Army Corps of Engineers, The National Park Service, and dozens of private led environmental and conservation organizations. We are first and foremost restoration ecologists and live by the wisdom so eloquently penned by Aldo Leopold in A Sand County Almanac that "To keep every cog and wheel is the first precaution of intelligent tinkering."

It is with this mindset that we seek to preserve every "cog and wheel" as we restore native communities and grow native plants and seeds for wider distribution. We use no insecticides in any of our propagation and growing so you can be sure that our plants are providing for, rather than poisoning, the pollinators that we are seeking to protect.

It is simply unthinkable that a species as majestic and once ubiquitous as the Monarch Butterfly has plummeted 90% in population over the last few years. If we can't save the Monarch Butterfly and the Honey Bee from extinction we can't save ourselves. It is with that sense of urgency and our deep love for the natural world that we hope to help you create a pollinator haven in your yard, field, patio or roof top garden. If we all do something positive we can have great and powerful impact.

Thanks for stopping by and for caring about pollinators and our beautiful, natural world.